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Сергей Морозов

Around the Cape of Good Hope, pt.1

Не хочу показаться нудным, но по многочисленным просьбам друзей не русскоговорящих вынужден повторить описание последнего перехода для них на английском, но там и видео есть в конце... Так что, для всех кому интересно - мой Вам подарок! Спасибо всем за поздравления, я тронут, правда!
Еще немного океана и соленых брызг!

After postponing my rowing project (www.rowingaroundtheworld.com) for a number of reasons, I had to find a way to cross the Indian Ocean and the hardest leg of the entire route – from Mauritius to Durban, RSA, and then around the Cape of Good Hope to Cape Town, RSA to avoid sitting with my arms crossed and look at the navigation conditions within, so-to-say. I created a nick for myself in a blog (http://navigatorpirate.livejournal.com/) and quickly acquired passengers for the voyage.

On March 10th, after three days spent in Colombo, we finally unmoored and left.
Boat: Tayana 58’, 2004. Aboard are three passengers (two males and one female), the captain and I. How many years have passed since I haven’t sailed as a captain?! At least now I can take a break and submerge myself in logbooks, photos, videos and observations. I’m sailing under navigatorpirate (my nick in Live Journal).

Our route: Colombo, Sri Lanka – Maldives – Mauritius – RSA (Republic of South Africa) – Saint Helena Island – Brazil – the Caribbean – Florida. Pretty easy eh? So that’s how we took off, full of hopes for an interesting adventure.

First off we decided to visit the Maldives. It seemed obsurd to be in that part of the Indian Ocean, not having visited those paradise-like islands.

In three days, covering under 400 miles at 270 degrees, we anchored at the most northern island of the Maldives's  archipelago - Uligano. Bought some groceries, filled the fuel tank, even had time to do some diving but almost lost Vadim with his instructor, and all of this in one day because we headed toward Mauritius at midnight. 

From Uligano, our course was 210 degrees, 1850 more miles to Mauritius. Take off! The Southern Cross is right in front of us on the horizon, the Milky Way from NE crosses the sky SW, flying fish, Zenya  sleep 25 hrs a day, fishing, joyous sun, Vadim in a hammock, dull winds from various directions, and sunsets and sunrises of the Indian Ocean, which are incomparable to anything else. A fairy tale one could only dream about...    
But who’s on watch?

The vessel headed toward the Southern Cross. Shooting stars sometimes fell off the Milky Way and, haven’t reached the water, quickly faded. They reminded me of people’s short, differing lives.


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